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About iFireFit

Welcome to Fire Fitness, the first and only video to combine fire fighting fitness training and professional sports training. A proper physical fitness program to become a firefighter should be job specific, and here it is.

Few careers demand the same strength, speed, agility, and mental focus that are needed to be successful as a firefighter. With the right combination of exercises anyone can increase their strength and endurance, mental focus, pack on new lean muscle, and increase flexibility.

This program uses exercises that incorporate multiple muscle usage while increasing muscle and cardio endurance by using short rest periods as if you were taking the agility test, performing duties as a firefighter on the fire grounds or playing a professional sport.

"iFirefit helped me develop muscle, increase strength, and build endurance. This growth has helped me better prepare for the rigors of an NBA season."

- Josh Childress NBA player



Training Mask 2.0 180x150

Gary Allegreto

Former Wildland Hot Shot and Los Angeles Firefighter.

Jeanette Ortega

Nationally ranked Ms. Fitness competitor and owner of Extreme Results Fitness Studio in Los Angeles California.